Willemsfest 2024

27 apr. '24, 14:30–22:00Willemeen, Arnhem

Willemsfest 2024 met: Savage Grace (USA) + Confess (IR) + Mindwar (BE) + Oltas + Bloodsucker + Mouflon + Megalomaniacs + Obnoxious + Schmisfits + more

Gratis jaarlijks festival tijdens koningsdag dit keer met een hele vette line up daarnaast komen er nog 1 of 2 bands bij. We hebben een playlist gemaakt waar bijna alle bands te horen zijn zie link hieronder.

Savage Grace

1981 style speedmetal pioneers back on track with an amazing new album after 37 years! The new album contains a message of hope for all of you in these desperate times all packaged in the best artwork we have seen since a long time!


Groove/ thrash metal band originally from Iran now living in Norway. having faced charges in Iran for their music, in which they expressed anti-religious and anti-government views. In 2015 both members where held in solitary confinement. At that time, they potentially faced execution after being charged with blasphemy for "writing Satanic music.


Horror punk. Local heroes playing Danzig era misfits songs! We're closing the festival with the Schmisfits in the cafe 100% sing-a-long fähig.


Flag-bearers of the european hardcore movement their dubut album “Still At War” cam out last year after the band played with a lot of lengendary names in the scene. Straight forward DIY hardcore played with passion and intensity. See these guys from Lokeren Belgium in Willemeen before all the big festivals this summer.


Exiting new local hardcore band with members from local bands that have quit.


Doom/death/drone band from up north, slow and dark but also fast and fierce. Making Quite a name for themselves lately.


Hardcore/ thrash from Fryslân formerly known as Vexation. For fans of Powertrip and inspired by stuff like Cro-Mags, Leeway, and Anthrax. Old school hardcore/punk. Bloodsucker memebers were formally active in Cornered, Coldblooded en Icepick. Check out their EP.


Slow death metal from Arnhem after different releases and their latest very well recieved album om Raw skulls records (9/10 in Aardschok magazine) and a very recent split EP Grim Fate. For all of you who are into Dripping Doom Death and Decay be sure to check this band out.


Thrash band hailing from Arnhem characterized by their energetic riffs, crushing grooves and melodic solo's. Since their fromation in 2020 the quartet has drawn inspiration from all over the scene from modern metal to classic rock.